Everything You Do, Do It With Love

This one is deep. I’ve warned you.

I want to devote this post to our spirit and the Mantras that we feed it.

And just to be clear, a Mantra is just “a statement or slogan repeated frequently.”

I believe that we are part Divine. I believe that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. I believe that we are all here to live this experience for a purpose that serves a greater existence. I feel it at the core. I believe in God, the Universe, and a spiritual community. I feel solace and peace when I think of the grander picture. It keeps me grounded within the world we live in; a world full of pain, negativity, callus beings. However, I can look beyond it all.

When I close my eyes and breathe, I feel close to the Divine.

My Mantra-

I believe that I am always guided to exactly where I am meant to be. I trust that when I focus on Love, I will be presented with Love. I know that by living a life full of Love, I will no longer have fear. I Love myself and will only allow positive energy into my life! I choose to be an inspiration and to set a spiritual example for myself and others. I will always choose Love over war, laughter over sadness, faith over doubt, and positive over negative. By doing so, I will endure health, wealth, and true happiness. I vow to trust myself and to trust the Universe for all that I am and all that I will be!

On the contrary, I will admit, I am Human. I have fears, anxieties and pain that I carry with me on a daily basis. I have let human emotion get the best of me. I have fought. I have argued. I have disrespected. I have made my Mother cry. I am not perfect. We are not meant to be perfect. We are meant to grow and learn. What we do with our time is up to us to decide what kind of person we want to be; what kind of human experience we want to have.

The reflection that I provide myself  through my Mantra helps me reach my goal of peace. It’s a daily thought, action, and discipline. I improve every day. I become a better person every single day. I grow my intellect, my heart, my soul, every single day.

As I meditated today, I saw an image of a lion with a dove delicately placed on his back. I found this as a reflection of myself; my divine self and my human self. The lion represents my human-self: my faults, my imperfections, my sharp tongue, my passion, my endurance, my strength, my resilience. The dove represents my Divine-self: my poise, my ease, my peace, my patience, my delicate nature, my soft heart, my empathy for others. My world is within a few inches in depth, about a foot wide and a little over five feet tall. I have learned that all that we can control is within those dimensions. Every thought, every movement, every action and reaction. I ask the Universe to provide me peace, to rid me of the weight of humanity and provide me with the answers that I need at the time that I need them. And I always have the answers when I need them because I pay attention.

Be good and do good. I will always be a good person. I will always have a big heart. I will always see the best in people even when all of the other colors have been revealed. The world cannot change all of who we are and I refuse to turn a black heart to my experiences. I will always find the good within the bad. I will always see beyond the pain and find the beauty within it. Life is beautiful, even on the rainiest days.

There’s a funny thing about human emotion. We can all relate to pain, anger, jealousy, betrayal, laughter, happiness, joy. Why? Because we have all experienced every single one of them. We can relate and that’s what makes us all so similar. When you see a man grieving for the loss of a child, you feel the pit of your stomach drop. Why? Because we have all felt pain for the loss of a loved one. Most of us are able to experience empathy. When we feel empathy, we are able to feel for others; we are able to relate to one another. We begin to realize that we are in this game together with the same pieces to the puzzle.

The world is a sea of emotions and rip tides. Don’t get caught up in the currents of the world. You have to have control over you and what you seek to accomplish within your personal dimensions. I have made so many sacrifices within my thirty years of who and what I allow within my domain. If it doesn’t bring me good, positive, happy emotions, it is removed. I fight to keep my world a good one and I intend on keeping it that way. My goal is to build a life as I am directed through my spirituality and provide a light within the world, even when I am presented with darkness.

Everything you do, do it with Love. Carry on.



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