Living With Intention

Do you live your life with intention?

When you’re faced with a decision, where does your mind go? You may have a goal or a dream set before you, but you can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever reach it. This is called Implementation Intentions. Setting forth a goal, but also planning for the worst. Why is this? Because as humans, we are designed to always prepare ourselves for the worst in any situation, especially when accomplishing something we care about.

As my own history has shown, when I set my mind to something, I become a basket case of nerves! I am so dedicated and so determined to have what I want that I make myself sick about it. I. Have. To. Have. It. I work my tooshie off until I run myself dry. And about 98% of the time, I get what I work for and my decisions have never steered me wrong. But, even with the high success rate, I have that little voice inside my head like “this is too good to be true” or “you’re not qualified enough.”

Well, screw those sick thoughts! Who needs ’em!? Not me! It’s only negativity and don’t help in any situation. Most people quit at 40% of their capacity with a mental block using those exact words of negativity. In order to accomplish what others don’t, you must push yourself beyond where most quit!

I have recently made one of the biggest, yet scariest, decisions of my life and this very thing has been happening within my own head! We all have it. We all endure this stupidity that we bring upon ourselves! I’d like to motivate others to push yourself beyond your breaking point. You will never grow as an individual if you don’t go beyond your comfort zone, to go where you have never gone before. This is where you blossom. This is where you become a better you. This is where life changes. This is where you wings fully spread.

When making any decision in life, ask yourself one question: Does this help me _________? If the answer is “no” then don’t do it. And, of course, if the answer is “yes” then go on with it! It’s that simple. You will never reach a goal by making a path that looks like it was set by a drunk cow…ya feel me?

Can you imagine how much more peace you would encounter if you could rid yourself of those negative, self-sabotaging thoughts!? You’d either be exactly where you are right now or worse off. Point being that it never provides any good.

Recently, I have learned yet another valuable lesson. When I make a decision, stick with it and let the Universe do its work. I have kicked ass and have been persistent AF with my own goals and aspirations. However, things do not happen on my watch, on my time; it will happen when it is meant to happen. Learning patience and having faith in the Universe has been one of my hardest lessons. So, when worrying about the future, throw out those bad “what ifs” and be ready to accept the prize. Trust me, when you give your best and you set an example for others, the Universe will provide. Have faith.

Faith is the expectation of something good to happen. Fear is the expectation of something bad to happen. Never have fear, my Darlings. Live your life with intention!

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