Welcome to my inner, deepest thoughts!

After having this blog for almost two years, I’ve decided that this page needed to be re-written. Lots has changed!

The purpose of my blog is to provide my readers with remnants of my life; the raw and honest moments (or chapters) that have taught me something valuable. My goal is to share these lessons in life in hopes of touching someone’s life. The value that I find is to let you know that you are not alone. Life can be tricky; there are so many cycles that you will go through.

I have been labeled as a Healer and I could not live up to that title any more than I currently do. I find comfort in sharing with others and find even more comfort when hearing back from my readers. The feedback that I have received from some of you is that you appreciate my transparency about my life. Well, my goal is to not hold back and to be honest about my journey- how else could you relate? If I only revealed my highlight reel, how real would that be?

The true purpose of this blog was discovered as I was writing The Pie Chart of Life. I realized that we all live similar lives and we all go through the same stages of life. If we divided our life into sections, we would come up with about ten or so, right? Family, Career, Friends, Love Life, Personal Time, Finances, Goals, Spirituality, Education, and so on. Each section makes up a sliver on a pie chart. Each of us may categorize differently, but it all lines up similarly. No one hands you a manual on how to live life! We are left to make our best judgments and do the best we can. So, I thought “why not share my best moments, my not-so-great moments and all that falls in between.” We all find solace in relating with others and maybe gaining some knowledge along the way. That’s where I am going to come in.

So, I welcome you to Pie Chart of Life!

A little bit about me: I’m a 32-year old, Director of Product Management, living in Atlanta, raising my 4 year old minpin/chihuahua, Milo. I’m a health/fitness junkie, crazy about cycle and a metaphysical wanderer. I star-gaze, read self-help books, binge watch documentaries (especially ones about space), love the History Channel, meditate, practice yoga and can never have less than 20 M&Ms (plain) in one sitting. I have a wonderful man in my life who loves to spoil me! We enjoy taking adventures, traveling, dreaming, cooking and taking walks around our neighborhood with Milo.